The Saliva of Christ

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As the colors were fading for Jesus on the cross….his mother was praying to God…. Which was him, the One.


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The saliva of man carries enzymes that can quickly break down any food and also keeps the mouth clean and protected from bacteria. The Saliva also holds properties that can serve as medicine and cures in our future. Yet the saliva of Christ held miracles. He could heal the blind by mixing it with soil and could most likely cure many other incurable ailrments.

He teaches us to look for the cure where others may not have thought. In this book we will focus on the miracles that were in and came out of the mouth of Christ as words and miracles that remained.

Where we may see spit, he sees a miraculous cure. Where others may see sin, Jesus sees forgiveness. The Author has composed a timeless collection of insightful writings all intimately focused around scripture to attempt to say what Jesus would say in todays modern day and times. This attempt to speak like Jesus and become Christlike in his sufferings has been compiled for all to enjoy.

Let us break bread, give new vision and listen to the words of Jesus in " The Saliva of Christ "

About Author

Christian Cassarly

Christian Cassarly is the Bestselling Author of Being Superman. He also has opened an Institute called Superman Graduates Institute where he is creating real-life simulations through E-Learning Courses, High Technology Audio and Videos, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.

He is The first author ever to create a Superhero Emulation.

He also is the author of Structural Training, The first-ever Strength training, and Pain relief program that incorporates the human Somatic Nervous System Intelligence to achieve optimal health.

He is also the author of Deepest Discovery, Superman Mind, Superwoman Mind, Green Planet, and many more.

Christian dedicated his early adulthood to medicine, earning a Registered Nursing degree and continuing his study in Holistic Health. He incorporates the energy of healing into all of his literary works to synergize great stories and adventure with health and well being.

Christian is also an inventor. He created the first REAL portable Air Conditioner Unit and has claimed it can eliminate heat-related ailments because of its affordability.

He is currently working toward uniting with organizations that are focused on helping all people on the planet with his inventions, businesses, products, and books.

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